Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mail Time!!!!

So...I just got back from checking my mail, and I must say I got a lovely suprise. I ACTUALLY HAD MAIL!!! A card, a simple, lonely, kindly sent card. It made me smile...a lot. So a note to those of you back home: I like mail. No, seriously, I really do contrary to what you all may think. Letters, cards, packages, anything! Simply put, I like mail, so please do not hesitate to send any to me. It makes me feel special and loved when I get mail. I mean, it makes me stop and think, "Wow. Somebody back home cares enough about me to send me this (insert recieved item here)." Did I tell you guys that I like getting mail?

(In case you guys can't tell, this means, SEND ME SOME MAIL!!!!...please.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interesting Things Found in my Room

Well, I have a fun story to tell you all.

The setting: my dorm room last night at around 1:00 am. At this point in time, Joel and I were rather hungry from the factors of studying/doing tons homework and the fact that for the past few days the food in the caff hasn't been so good. So, I suddenly come up with a bright idea. I turn to Joel after a pause that followed his complaints of extreme hunger and exclaim, "I have a cheesecake in my freezer!!!" At this point we (meaning I) pull the cheesecake out, unwrap it, defrost it, cut it and serve it. I cut my piece and suddenly remember that along with a cheesecake, I brought back topping to go on it. Like any sensible person, I pull it out. I make a few attempts to open it, but fail epically, so Joel, being the nice and kind person that he is, takes it from me and opens it.

Apparently, I had started to grow a relatively large miniature planet in there, and after opening it, the small mold creatures think that Joel is their god. I promptly, removed the once-cheesecake-topping-now-large-micro-planet from Joel and threw it away in the trash room. I refuse to harbor small ecosystems in my fridge.

Speaking of small ecosystems...I am not opposed to harboring them elsewhere in my room. (No Sherry and Robin, I do not have mold growing under my bed or in my sock drawer.) I have a fish tank. Yes, that is correct, a fish tank. (And yes it is actually set up and working properly and is not taking up space like the one that sat in the back of my car for a good portion of my senior year.) In this tank there are two fan-tailed goldfish named Benedick and Beatrice and a small fully aquatic frog named Leonato. Yes, I am that big of a nerd to name my pets after characters from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

I do know for a fact that the fish and fully aquatic frog are allowed in my dorm, but I'm not quite sure about the large micro-planet...which is also a contributing factor to why I threw it away. That, and 1.) I found it kind of icky. 2.) I don't think that my roommate would appreciate it, and 3.) there was a fear that the large micro-planet might grow large enough to develop an army and nuclear technology, which would be bad. Very bad. Very very very bad. I don't want a war to break out in my fridge between the fruit topping planet and the bottled water.

So, in short, I accidentally grew a large micro-planet in my fridge, in which the mold creatures thought that Joel was their god, and I have a fish tank complete with two fish and a frog. Yay for in-dorm ecosystems, either accidental or intentional, benign or potently tyrannical.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New New New

Well, it's a new year, and a new semester with new classes full of new people. I must say that so far I am enjoying my classes; even though I've only been to three of the five. Unfortunatly in each of my three classes there is a shmuck. My English class, my Core class...all though Joel is in there to save me from death of the shmuck....or rather save him from being beaten to death by me. In second case, Joel would just watch me beat Ross down...oops. Ross is also unfortunatly in my English class. Please, somebody save me. And to further my three days a week with shmucks....the only male in Cover of Life is in my theatre class. I think I may end up shooting somebody......or at least beating someone down with a high heeled shoe. Oh well, at least things will be interesting this semester.