Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To those of you who want updates.

Dear readers,

I cannot nor will not update this blog very often right now. Sorry. I have a life outside of this wonderful thing called the Internet; however, it may not be that interesting. Right now I am working on getting everything ready for the end of the semester with finals and final projects and papers and what have you. It's 1.) very important and 2.) not very interesting; therefor, I find no real reason to update this very often right now. I also now have a job that I has been thrown into the mix that is called my life. School is of utmost importance to me. Now, if there are anymore complaints about my lack of updates please feel free to stick them in the trash or in your own eye.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Life and LIFE

Well, as you can imagine I have been extremely busy. I went to the A D Pi Mallard Ball with my friend Amber and my roommate Laura. Then the next day was Casino Night. I had a blast. I got so many compliments on my dress and hair. I looked like Marilyn Monroe. Plan and simple. Well, The Cover of Life went quite well. The show was a blast and went wonderful. Four shows over four days and three bouquets of flowers. My room indeed does smell pretty now. After the last show we had to strike the set and of course I commandeered Joel and he helped too. My job was to strike the lights. Well, that's about it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

Ok, I am finally posting again. The reason that I didn't was because there wasn't much to share and I was waiting for Halloween so I could tell you all about the amazing awesome costume party. Well, let's see where to start...hmm..... Ok, yesterday I was pretty much the full time employed hair and make-up artist for my friends (pretty much all of 2nd floor Albright). Anywho, I did my hair first at about 1:00 or so, then I helped Toni with her hair and make up. That was followed by doing Rochelle's hair and make up. (She was a fairy). Followed by me doing Brad's scars, he was the Joker. Then I attached Curtis's elf ears, then I did Elisabeth's cat make up, and finally I did Joel's Captain Jack Sparrow make up. I was up to my elbows in assignments. Needless to say, everyone looked fantastic. So fantastic in fact that at the costume party 2nd floor Albright swept the costume contest. There were two catagories: Best Male Costume and Best Female Costume. Brad won best male and I won best female costume. That's right Belle from Beauty and the Beast won. And yes, I looked like Belle. Since I did Brad's scars and stuff it's pretty much like I won twice. Ok, picture time!

Look! It's Bill (Justin) and Hillary (Katlyn) Clinton and Monica Lewinsky (Alica)

The China Doll (Sam), A Gothic Girl (Angel) and a Vampire (Adora)
The Joker (Brad) and The Queen of Hearts (Toni)

Jesus (Joey) and A Geshia/Mulan (Amber)

Captain Jack Sparrow (Joel). I did the make up and put together that costume. Am I good or am I good?

Princess Kathleen, Vampire (Adora again) and Princess Emily

The China Doll (Sam again) and The Rejected Tinkerbelle (Rochelle). Again, I did Rochelle's hair and make up. Again, I am just amazing.

And finally the picutre that you've all been waiting for.....
Introducing three Disney Princesses......

Belle (me) Sleeping Beauty (Laura) and Cinderella (Amber)