Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Close of A Semester

Well, the semester is drawing to a close and I have managed to find some time to pull myself away from my studies to update you all as to what is going on here. Well, Thanksgiving break was a ball. I truly enjoyed getting to see all of you. (Oh and by the way Robin, I missed seeing you.) I've just recently gotten my glasses and I got my nose pierced. Yes, I now have a "shiney booger". Joel (Sprinkles) and I went and got it done....well, he didn't get his nose pierced, I did. He went with me. Anyhow, it looks really good. I have a few finals and quite a few papers that I have had due, and I still have some left as well. I recently filmed a video for my final project in my honor's class. It was on the black plague striking my building, and it is quite humorous and good in the aweful-home-video kind of way. I've recently been sick, but I am better now. My friends love me because they took quite good care of me. Joel would not let me leave my room for any reasons that were not necessary, and Brad, a hallmate, gave Joel some ni'quill to give to me so I could sleep. And there was the time when I fell out of my bed sick, and my roommate Laura and my friend Samantha picked me up and put me back in bed. So, see family I am well taken care of and cared for here. We've become one big family.

Here's the nose piercing. I thought that I should share a photo of me with it.